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About Us

NEOSTARTER is the best place to start, grow, and fund your venture.
NEOSTARTER supports you at every point along your entrepreneurial journey so
when it's time to raise money, you have the best shot at investment. Built for founders,
by founders. Some of the greatest successes are born from failure. Not only
do we make it easy to start a company but also to wind it down if this
doesn't end up being the one.

What we do?
Helping founders build investable companies.

We help startups looking for funding and expert advice
to connect with the right investors and experts to help
grow their startups.

The world's largest startup network.

The goal of NEOSTARTER is to digitise the startup ecosystem,
by helping startups reduce time and cost to find the right strategic partner.
Designed to help you succeed.

Designed to help you succeed