Frequently Asked Questions

+ From which countries do the registered startups, experts and investors come?

NEOSTARTER is a global platform. The members of our platform are from all important international startup regions. You will find startups from Germany, China or Israel as well as experts from UK or investors from US or UAE.

+ Who will benefit from NEOSTARTER?

The most important players in the startup industry are startups, investors and experts. Startups need capital and a strong network, investors are looking for investment opportunities and experts are looking for client orders. The problem of all market participants is the intensive use of time and financial resources to offer or buy their services among themselves. NEOSTARTER offers a unique digital startup ecosystem in the form of a social network. Business processes are accelerated on all sides, competence development is promoted and time resources of all involved are saved.

+I am a founder of a startup, how will NEOSTARTER help me?

NEOSTARTER is a social network that startups can use to raise capital, acquire expertise, find new team members and be inspired by new ideas and thus be carried to success by the advantages of a digital ecosystem. NEOSTARTER will support you to find the right investor in less time. During the matching process we will support you to optimize your request for funding. After that our algorithm will match your startup only with relevant investors.

+I am an investor, interested in investing into startups, how will NEOSTARTER help me?

NEOSTARTER will support you to find attractive investment opportinities. NEOSTARTER offers investors the perfect opportunity to invest profitably and to purchase key technologies by investing in national and international start-ups with innovative, scalable and promising business models. During the matching process we will match you only with startups that fit to your investors profile. That will help you save time and money and to focus on the right investments.

+I am an expert, looking for new clients, how will NEOSTARTER help me?

NEOSTARTER is a digital platform for the entire global startup ecosystem. This offers you a huge amount of clients, looking for advise. The platform offers experts the opportunity to win national and international customers and to specialize in the promising field of startups and to position themselves as experts.

+I am a corporate, looking for interesting startups and new innovative business ideas, how will NEOSTARTER help me?

NEOSTARTER is a digital platform for the whole global startup ecosystem. As corporate NEOSTARTER helps you to find the most innovative business ideas from your industry at an early stage. The matching algorithm will show you those kind of startup that is interesting for your business.

+How does the matching process work?

In order to carry out a successful matching we have defined over 40 different matching criteria which are used to bring together the suitable partners. Matching is initiated by the startup. It fills out a digital pitch deck and gives the platform the order to start the matching process for a fee. Before releasing the matching process, we support the startup in a correction loop by optimizing the pitch deck and the information submitted.

+How does the milestone tool work?

With the Milestone Tool, a startup defines certain milestones it wants to achieve in its development process. It helps to set goals and structure processes. Once a milestone has been successfully reached, followers and interested investors will be informed. So it’s also a PR tool.

+ I am a founder of a startup and would like to enlarge my network. How can NEOSTARTER support me?

The basic idea of NEOSTARTER is that of a social network. In addition to the core elements of the transfer of capital and expertise, the platform’s DNA includes the possibility of an exchange with the help of all the classic elements of a social network. This includes a timeline, the ability to browse other profiles, follow and share information, and receive suggestions for other relevant contacts.

+I am a founder of a startup and have needs in differents fields of expertise. How can NEOSTARTER support me?

On the NEOSTARTER platform you will find a multitude of different experts from important areas such as law, marketing, taxes, software development, etc. A filter helps you to find exactly the experts that fit your problem and your startup in terms of development level and field of activity.

+I am a founder of a startup, do I need to send separate applications for each investor I want to contact?

First of all you as the founder need to enter all information necessary for the matching process. You only have to make these informations available once. Afterwards our system takes over the work and introduces you to the suitable investors via matchmaking. The only thing you have to do is to keep your profile up to date to ensure optimal matching.

+I am a founder of a startup and want to promote my business. Is that possible on NEOSTARTER?

NEOSTARTER is a social network. Through the integrated social media features it offers you the optimal possibility to promote your startup, to announce news and to draw the attention of investors and other founders to you.

+ How do you ensure the quality of capital requests on NEOSTARTER?

For NEOSTARTER, the quality of the users on the platform and the processes is very important. On the one hand, all registrations are checked before they are activated. In addition, all requests for matching with investors are first forwarded internally to NEOSTARTER. Quality control takes place here. The startups are provided with a feedback loop to help them optimize their content. This gives investors better and higher quality inquiries.

+I am an investor, do I have to search the whole database to find a matching startup?

Every user on the platform must supplement his profile with certain criteria. The innovative matching algorithm will then introduce you to the startups that exactly match your investor profile. The requests of the startups are checked beforehand. This will only help you to receive relevant capital requests.

+I am an investor and will not be visible on the platform, is that possible?

At first, investors always act invisibly on the platform. Only after a successful matching the startup is informed about the interest of an investor. This ensures the desired discretion and anonymity for the investors.

+ Which kind of investor regarding investing power are on the platform?

On NEOSTARTER all kind of investors find interesting investment opportunities. Therefore business angels, venture capitalists, corporate investors and much more are part of the NEOSTARTER ecosystem.

+Which kind of startups regarding capital need and startup stage are on the platform?

NEOSTARTER offers startups of all stages the opportunity to find the right investor.