Help us 2 grow!

We are open for support and every support counts. We would like to invite you to help in the form of a small amount of money or sharing the word with people who are relevant to the startup scene. With your support, we will promise you soon access to a place where you’ll meet exciting startups, discover crazy products and find amazing people like you.


Why are we looking for support from our community?

The platform was launched recently, and it is currently in the final stage for launching the MVP. The growing of our team and the increasing traffic and development costs have become very hard for us to bootstrap the company and therefore we turn towards our community and supporters to help us reach our next milestone.

How would NEOSTARTER use your help?

The donation will be used for multiple feature development. The following features are in the pipeline for development.

Matching Tool: The matching tool is the main algorithm that will help startups find investors and experts.

Startup Discover Tool: The discovery tool is to find startups across the globe.

Co-Founder Finder Tool: This tool is to find a co-founder for your idea. Build a team with people who share the same vision as you.

Team Feature: Showcase your team in a very presentable format.

Milestone tool: Showcase your present and targeted milestone in a presentable way to catch the attention of investors

Marketplace: This will be a feature to place and share tools and products relevant to the startup community.

Job market: Find a team for your startup, and help us build the startup job marketplace.

If you are willing to support us, click the Donate Button and share it across in your network.

It would be great if you could share the word with family, friends, and colleagues if they are interested or involved within the startup ecosystem.

If you are interested in learning how to fundraise then join our NEOCLASS